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LAPCARE 65W 19.5V 4.5mm Pin Laptop Adapter Charger With Power Cord

899.00 (Inc. GST)

  • The Lapcare 4.5mm pin laptop adapter comes with 65W output power and output current 3.33A.
  • This 19.5V adapter is specially designed to meet the power needs of your HP laptops.
  • Covered under Lapcare Protection Plan, the adapter offers a unique insurance plan on top of the standard warranty. The adapter connected equipment gets insured for any malfunctioning or damage due to usage of the same.
  • Backed by standard full 12 month replacement warranty, the adapter is also RoHS and CE certified.

Price: ₹ 899.00

Product Type Laptop Adapter
Product Brand Lapcare
Pin Size 4.5 x 3.0mm
Power Output 19.5V @ 3.33A
Power Capacity 65 Watt
Compatible Part Numbers 709985-001, 709985-002, 709985-003, 709985-004, 709986-001, 709986-002, 709986-003, 709986-004, 709987-001, 709987-002, 709987-003, 710412-001, 710413-001, 710414-001, 714159-001, 714657-001, 740015-003, A090A07DL, AD9043-022G2, ADP-90WH D, H6Y89AA#ABA, HSTNN-DA13, PA-1650-32HE, PA-1650-34HE, PA-1900-34HE, PPP012C-S, PPP012D-S
Compatible Part Numbers HP Stream 13-C Series – c000nd, c000ne, c000nh, c000nl, c000nq, c001la, c001nc, c001np, c001nw, c001tu, c002tu, c003nw, c004tu, c005nx, c005tu, c006tu, c006xx, c008tu, c009sa, c009tu, c010nr, c010nv, c010nw, c010tu, c012nf, c013tu, c014nf, c015tu, c020nr, c021tu, c025tu, c028nl, c028tu, c030ng, c030tu, c036tu, c039tu, c042tu, c043tu, c044tu, c056na, c070nd, c078nr
Warranty 1 Year
Package Contents Lapcare 65W Laptop Adapter
Use Type

Product Type



Power Supply (Watt)

Power Output (Volt)


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