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EM Lock Solutions

Our complete range of electromagnetic door locking products is suitable for a multitude of applications. With holding forces up to 1200lb, the locks deliver cost-effective, high security performance.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Lock dimensions: 285 x 49 x 28mm
  • Armature plate dimensions: 340 x 35 x 21mm
  • Holding force: 350kg (800lbs)
  • Dual voltage: 12/24V DC
  • Current draw: 12V DC/530mA and 24V DC/250mA
  • Fail safe: locked when energized
  • Signal output: 350T (LED)
  • Safety function: built-in voltage spike suppressor
  • Opening mode: 90-degree swinging door
  • Suitable for: wooden, glass, metal and fire-resistant door
  • Authority certifications: CE and MA approved
  • Quality guarantee: for three years (except that man-made and force Majeure)
  • Net weight: 2.5kg